Memento Park : Relics of History's Da...

MEMENTO PARK : RELICS OF HISTORY'S DARK CHAPTERS by MATT BLACK | MAGNUM - How should society deal with controversial monuments that bear testimony to a difficult past? - Matt Black's photographic meditation on these memorials in Budapest examines the role of such monuments in contemporary society and considers the role of memory in shaping our world. As Black reflects on the role of these monuments, his thoughts also turn to shaping memory in full light: « What's the appropriate way to remember troubled chapters of history? » - «What it made me think of was not so much the past but the future. It feels like we are entering another one of these dark chapters, and so it's hard to look at these monuments without thinking of the backdrop of what's going on now. The fall of Communism was supposed to usher in a different world, a more open and optimistic world, but it seems we're going in the exact opposite direction.» (mg)/ more text available

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