Ein Jahr Präsident Trump

It will be impossible to adequately explain in decades to come just what it was like to be alive in the exhausting first year of Donald Trump's presidency. From the moment he trampled the unifying conventions of the inaugural address by decrying "American carnage", Trump shattered political normality, tearing at racial and societal divides, the limits and decorum of his office, even raising doubts about his fidelity to the nation's founding values. Trump is like a raging storm that never blows itself out, as his early morning Twitter rants injected into the nation's central nervous system trigger outrages that obliterate traditional political debate and make days feel like weeks, weeks feel like months and months feel like years. The normal tools for judging a presidency - legislation passed, America's relative global power, the health of the economy, the President's approval rating and the security and prosperity of the populace - can be used to assess Trump. But such conventional measures fail to encapsulate the utterly abnormal presidency that is unfolding or the way Trump, who craves attention and gets it by fomenting chaos, has barged his way into every corner of national life. On Sunday, in the wake of his reported comments about "shithole" African nations, he told reporters "I am not a racist." The declaration itself speaks to how unusual his unfolding presidency is. Everyone, from the sidelines of a kid's soccer game in the suburbs to subway passengers in the cities to the hotbeds of Trump country, has an opinion on the President. He's impossible to ignore and impossible to escape. And that is exactly the way he likes it. For Trump, the presidency seems as much about orchestrating strife in the center of a whirlwind as he tilts at national taboos as it is the steady accumulation of political and global victories. (cnn)

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