«Sanctuary Cities» by Jerome Sessini ...

SANCTUARY CITIES - In August 2016, photographer Jerome Sessini traveled to several cities throughout the U.S. to explore the effects of sanctuary city policies. Sanctuary cities are jurisdictions where local law enforcement authorities do not collaborate with federal agencies such as ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), to help deport undocumented immigrants. - The sanctuary city debate has been a hot topic during this year's election cycle. Donald Trump firmly condemns sanctuary cites, saying they harbor dangerous immigrants who commit crimes against Americans. Hillary Clinton on the other hand has supported sanctuary city policies, which help prevent unnecessary deportations for minor misdemeanors and increase public safety by promoting trust between immigrant communities and local police. - Sessini's work documents several different angles of sanctuary city policies. From a sheriff in Maryland who supports sanctuary cities to an immigrant facing deportation in San Francisco, Sessini's intimate photos focus on individual stories to provide a greater snapshot of the immigration debate. (mg)

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