«Los Angeles» by Guillaume Zuili | Ag...

''Endless hours of driving characterized Los Angeles''. Car shapes everything in this magalopolis. It can even be the perfect tool for exploring city life. Behind the wheel appears a visual everyday often unknown beecause of its very ordinariness. That's exactly what Guillaume Zuili has perceived. Advertisings targetting the driver are central elements of his visual universe. Street paintings intersperse the artery's tedium : walls, shops and gambling houses flaunt graphic audacities, garish and raucuous. Sometimes, images become hasty. Speed and movement induce vague catches, like a car antithesis for the Decisive Moment. Between urban wandering as Jim Jarmusch's movies, solitary thriller as ''Drive'' and night strangeness as ''Mulholland Drive'', Zuili explores the visual possibilities of a certain kind of ramble, the very one offered by car strolling, source of a distancing aesthetics.

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