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KEYSTONE is the Swiss provider with the most comprehensive offer of visual content – photography, graphics, video. Quick and competent, KEYSTONE offers its customers creative solutions for diverse needs and demands. KEYSTONE is independent and facilitates an unrestricted shaping of opinion. Here, KEYSTONE's point of reference is that of a free society guided by liberal principles. KEYSTONE constitutes an integral part of the visual memory of Switzerland.

KEYSTONE is a strong and reliable partner. Confidence and professionalism provide the basis for the cooperation between KEYSTONE and its customers to reach the goals they share.

KEYSTONE is a responsible employer and places great emphasis on respectful, interpersonal relations and competent, motivated as well as loyal collaborators. KEYSTONE encourages their development and supports young talents in photography.

KEYSTONE is a profit-oriented company. This alone ensures that KEYSTONE is capable of keeping up with constant change and maintaining its excellent and innovative offer of products on fair conditions even in the future.

KEYSTONE was established in 1953 as the Swiss subsidiary of the American KEYSTONE View Company that was originally founded in 1891.
Today, KEYSTONE is an independent joint-stock company held by APA (50%) and SDA (50%). Two subsidiary companies, PPR Media Relations AG (100% participation) and EQ Images AG (100% participation), belong to KEYSTONE. As the largest picture agency in Switzerland, KEYSTONE currently has a staff of 75 employees.

KEYSTONE’s network of 20 full-time photographers spanning all across the country and numerous freelance photographers cover the Swiss news all around the clock. The world services of KEYSTONE’s partner agencies AP and EPA guarantee full coverage of international news. These two agencies together with other world-leading agencies and renowned photographers are exclusively represented by KEYSTONE in Switzerland.

Media, advertising agencies and corporates make up the customers of KEYSTONE. With their member logins they have access to over 7 million images. The Swiss media - as KEYSTONE’s subscribers - receive the latest and, for Switzerland, important images day and night via its own data transmission network (1200 images per day).

The news image production is supplemented with topical images on everyday life in Switzerland and with portraits of personalities in Switzerland, as well as picture stories in the form of photographic essays and reportages. Contemporary stock images on economy and society, work and politics, education and social issues, climate and transportation ensure individual and creative communication solutions.
11 million images are stored in the KEYSTONE Archives, documenting social history from the end of the 19th century onwards, and making it one of the largest and most important historic photo collections of Switzerland.

Infographics and videos complete KEYSTONE‘s choice of visual multimedia products. The content‘s emphasis is on daily news features on all relevant topics, Live-Streaming and productions on demand. 


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