The Newspaper accompanying the «Schwarzer Montag»



Over a year ago KEYSTONE initiated the «Schwarzer Montag» («Black Monday»). It’s a place to meet for people who are interested in photography and ready to question it, discuss it and deal with it. The place for this platform is a fine, small shop at the Viadukt in Zurich: The  Westflügel, a place, which doesn’t exclusively focus on photography, but also on books and furniture. So far, we have organized nine «Black Mondays» at the Westflügel. Just over a year later we have printed this newspaper, making sure that what we have organized so far is not forgotten.

The newspaper accompanying the «Schwarzer Montag» comprises a review of the past exhibitions and encounters:  Rian Dundon | Fan  -  Irina Werning | Back to the Future  -  Agenturbilder 1-24 | The Other Side of Photography  -  10 by Magnum  -  Willi Ruge | The Man Behind the Camera  -  Hans Hansen | Botany  -  Mads Nissen | Homophobia in Russia  -  Jules Decrauzat | Pioneer of Photo Reportage  -  Robin Schwartz | Amelia & the Animals.  In the newspaper, a whole page is dedicated to JJ, a black horse, which came to the Westflügel for the «Schwarzer Montag». On this rainy day, Amelia instantly fell in love with the Friesian horse and Robin took pictures of them both together.

The next «Schwarzer Montag» showing contemporary photography and pictures which should not sink into oblivion takes place in February of 2016.

The newspaper can be acquired at the Westflügel or ordered  here - free of charge.



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