«Jules Decrauzat - Pioneer of Photo Reportage»



Bächli à la lisse, Genève, 1916 - Photo by Jules Decrauzat | Photopress-Archiv | KEYSTONE

Jules Decrauzat was most likely the first significant Swiss photojournalist. A stock of 1250 glass negatives from the time between 1910 and 1930, which withstood the ravages of time, was found in the KEYSTONE archives, and, after intense research, the images were attributed to Jules Decrauzat (1879-1960). His sports snapshots along with his images of early aviation captured the zeitgeist of a society which stood on the threshold of modernism.

The Fotostiftung Schweiz in Winterthur presents this exceptional discovery in an exhibition from June until October 2015 and the Echtzeit Verlag will publish the book «Jules Decrauzat. Erster Fotoreporter der Schweiz», which provides an insight into a chapter of the history of Swiss photography, that has hardly been researched until now.

At the same time the «Schwarze Montag» will be exhibiting ten images by Jules Decrauzat at the Westflügel in Zurich from June 1st to July 4th 2015.

Wendelin Hess, Echtzeit Verlag, Jann Jenatsch, KEYSTONE, and Peter Pfrunder, Fotostiftung Schweiz, introduce Jules Decrauzat images on Monday June 1st 2015 at 6 pm.


«Schwarzer Montag» at Westflügel, Viaduktstrasse 21, 8005 Zurich
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