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Photo by Pascal Mora | KEYSTONE

FIFA officials were escorted out behind sheets at the Baur au Lac hotel in Zurich, May 26, 2015. Pascal Mora for The New York Times – Some days after this image was taken we were standing in front of the Westflügel during a «Schwarzer Montag» and discussed it. The photographer Pascal Mora was in the right place at the right time – yet, still, there was this sheet, which obscured his (and our) view. The world didn’t seem to mind and we were fascinated too. The sheet allowed the story behind it to become even more memorable. We wanted to see more – and that is how this «Schwarzer Montag» («Black Monday») came into being.

Thus, the event series «Schwarzer Montag» continues. After a break, during which we have thought about the form of this photography platform, we are back with the intention to not only exhibit selections of monthly changing contemporary photography and images which should not sink into oblivion, but to also place the images in a photographic context. We want to talk about what aspects of the exhibited images we find intriguing and in what perceptual contexts they are to be understood.

Pascal Mora’s picture, which was commissioned by the NYT, enables us to shift the focus away from the FIFA to the sheet, which is stretched out outside the Baur au Lac, to make «The Sheet» the subject of discussion; thus, images which reveal information but at the same time withhold something.

This is why we focus on «The Sheet» at the next «Schwarzer Montag». In March it will be «The Camera Trap» and in April «The Train». Every time we will take a story as a starting point and try to deepen the subject at the «Schwarzer Montag».

On Monday, 1st of February 2016, Jann Jenatsch discussed with photographers Pascal Mora and Franco Pagetti at the opening of the exhibition of «The Sheet» at the «Schwarzer Montag». The images will be shown until Saturday, Masrch 5, 2016, at the Westflügel. 

The newspaper «Das Tuch | Februar 2016» («The Sheet») was published on occasion of the «Schwarzer Montag». This issue can be acquired at the Westflügel or ordered  here - free of charge.


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