«10 by MAGNUM»



Greenland. Tiniteqilaaq. 2001 - Photo by Jacob Aue Sobol | MAGNUM

Ten photographers of the photographic cooperative MAGNUM are on show at the «Schwarzer Montag» in February 2015.

The exhibition «10 by MAGNUM» is an attempt to update MAGNUM’s traditional image by showing ten young up-and-coming photographers in the «Schwarzer Montag» series.

Christopher Anderson   -  Jacob Aue Sobol  -  Jonas Bendiksen  -  Bieke Depoorter  -  Sohrab Hura  -  Alex Majoli  -  Moises Saman  -  Alessandra Sanguinetti  -  Jérôme Sessini  -  Peter van Agtmael.

The ten selected photographers have given up chasing the latest press photo and create «journalistic orphans», as MAGNUM photographer Jonas Bendiksen calls his images, instead. The images are surprising, tell of intimate encounters between people and remind us of the dignity and the hope of man. Disregarded and irrational moments are brought to life in the photographers images.

«Schwarzer Montag» im Westflügel, Viaduktstrasse 21, 8005 Zürich www.schwarzermontag.ch | schwarzermontag@keystone.ch



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