Jurying of the 20th vfg NWFP for Young Photographers



Jaakov Israel, Nina Grundemark, Gisela Parak, Sabine Bechtel and Reto Camenisch, from left - Photo by Gian Vaitl


The jury members of the 20th vfg Nachwuchsförderpreis NWFP (Award for Young Talents of the Association of Creative Photographers) with Nina Grundemark (Managing Director Grundemark Nilsson Gallery, Stockholm and Berlin), Jaakov Israel (Photographer, Jerusalem), Sabine Bechtel (Photoagent, Zurich), Reto Camenisch (Photographer and Director of Studies Editorial Photography MAZ) and Gisela Parak (Head Museum for Photography, Braunschweig) have chosen the ten best among the 102 entries from young photographers on June 19th, 2016:

- Sara de Campos (Pangeae)
- Arunà Canavascini (Selfie)
- Johanna Kotlaris (Possibly Meaningful)
- Youqine Lefèvre (Far from home)
- Florian Luthi (Les Sabots de Vénus)
- Kostas Maros (tesverlekh)
- Nico Müller (Things that scared me on my way back home)
- Michel Pretterklieber (Endbach)
- Evan Ruetsch (Der, Die, Das Brot)
- Jessica Wolfelsperger (Lonely Planet)

Congratulations !

The vfg NWFP is committed to the promotion of young talents and supports young photographers by giving them the opportunity to present their work to a wider audience (one catalogue, five exhibitions).

The award presentation - KEYSTONE supports the vfg NWFP with the 1st prize - and the vernissage of the exhibition of the ten selected works will take place on September 29th, 2016 at the Photobastei in Zurich





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