Wakker Prize 2015 goes to Bergell



Image ID 235547296 - Palazzo Castelmur in Coltura, Bergell (c) by KEYSTONE | Christian Beutler

The Swiss Heritage Society has awarded the municipality of Bregaglia, in the Canton of Grisons, Switzerland, with the Wakker Prize 2015. The Swiss Heritage Society honors the community for its accomplishment in the coherent and far-sighted planning and merger of the entire valley in 2010. The built environment preserves the identity and spatial characteristics of the valley and at the same time promotes a contemporary architecture of high-quality. The Swiss Heritage Society gives the Prize to communities that show an exceptional achievement in advancing townscape and urbanization. The Prize is endowed with 20,000 Swiss francs. 

In their Photo and Video documentations, KEYSTONE’s reportage photographers Gaëtan Bally and Christian Beutler bring to light out the unique quality of the development in the Bergell valley.






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