Wakker Prize 2018 awarded to «Nova Fundaziun Origen», Riom (Grisons)



The winter theater «Cavadeira», a repurposed barn of the cultural festival «Origen» in Riom, Photo by Christian Beutler | KEYSTONE


In the cultural heritage year 2018, the Swiss Heritage Society honors the «Nova Fundaziun Origen» in Riom, in the canton of Grisons, with the Wakker Prize 2018. The foundation and its culture festival «Origen» give the built heritage and thus the entire village new perspectives. The basis for this is provided by the local cultural heritage, which, thanks to Origen, radiates far beyond the region.

Since 1972, the Swiss Heritage Society annually awards the Wakker Prize to a municipality. On the occasion of the cultural heritage year 2018, not a community, but, for the first time, a civil society organization receives the award.

Photographer Christian Beutler visited Riom and captured it in pictures and videos.





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