Tanya Habjouqa in conversation with Monika Bolliger: «Tomorrow There Will Be Apricots» | 29 June 2018



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Tanya Habjouqa, a Jordanian / Texan documentary photographer,  tells personal stories that take place behind the scenes of conflict and war. Her images provide an intimate insight into the realities of those affected by the conflicts in the Middle East.

Her series "Occupied Pleasures" shows Palestinians during their leisure activities and tells of the search for pleasure and normality in the difficult reality of the occupied territories. In the series "Tomorrow There Will Be Apricots" Habjouqa portrays Syrian women who fled to Jordan at the beginning of the war and find themselves in a hopeless situation. The title is an Arabic expression that stands for the hope of something that will probably never happen.

On Friday, June 29,  2018, Tanya Habjouqa will talk about her observations and impressions of the difficult perspectives of people in conflict areas in the Middle East. In cooperation with the "COALMINE Forum for Documentary Photography", Keystone-SDA invited the photographer for a five-day masterclass and a discussion. The talk will be conducted in English by Monika Bolliger, Middle East correspondent for the Neue Zürcher Zeitung.


Tanya Habjouqa in conversation with Monika Bolliger
«Tomorrow There Will Be Apricots»
at KEYSTONE-SDA Foyer, 4th floor, Grubenstrasse 45, 8045 Zürich
Friday, 29 June 2018, 12.15 p.m. - 13.45 p.m.

Tomorrow There Will Be Apricots. Tanya Habjouqa.
at COALMINE Forum für Dokumentarfotografie, Winterthur,
kurated by Katri Burri
28 June - 29 September 2018


Tanya Habjouqa Tanya Habjouqa (Jordan, 1975) is a Jordanian / Texan documentary photographer and educator. Her work is born out of long-term investments and collaborative methodology, blending ethnographic research and reportage. Known for producing sensitive work underscored by the absurd, her long-term projects focus on gender, representations of otherness, dispossession, and ever-shifting sociopolitical dynamics in MIDEAST. Her «Occupied Pleasures» was heralded by TIME magazine and Smithsonian as one of the best photo books of 2015 (winning her a World Press Photo award in 2014).
She mentors emerging photographers from across the Arab region for Magnum Foundation’s «Emerging Arab Photographer Documentary Fund» together with the Prince Claus Foundation and the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture. Tanya is a member of our partner agency NOOR and one of the founding members of Rawiya, the first all female photo collective of the Middle East. She is based in East Jerusalem.






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