«Swiss Press Photography» - An Insight into the Archives



Book cover «Swiss Press Photography» - An Insight into the Archives


Press photos – important cultural assets.

Since the turn of the millennium the analogue press photography has had its day. Until then, a vast and varied collection of images was compiled by Swiss archives, libraries and museums. The images in these institutions are far more difficult to access than today’s digital databases, but the press photography archives contain important sources on the history of Switzerland. 

For the first time the book «Swiss Press Photography» provides an overview over the status quo of the existing press photography archives in Switzerland. Key issues, procedures and potentials from the perspective of experienced professionals are thereby presented and discussed, such as new dimensions in the history of photography in the light of mass image documentation, but also the respective specific historical circumstances and production processes of the picture stocks.


«Schweizer Pressefotografie» - Einblick in die Archive
«Photographie de presse en Suisse» - Regards sur les archives
(«Swiss Press Photography» - An Insight into the Archive)

With texts by Alex Anderfuhren, Thomas Bochet, Ricabeth Steiger, Dario Donati, Markus Schürpf, Amandine Cabrio, Gilbert Coutaz, Mathieu Emonet, Nicole Graf, Gianni Haver, Jochen Hesse, Ildikó Kovàcs, Nora Mathys, Mirco Melone, Nicole Schaetti, Barbara Spalinger. Editor Netzwerk Pressebildarchive, 236 pages, soft cover, 120 images, November 2016, CHF 58.–, ISBN  978-3-85791-822-3





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