Deers, Michigan, c. 1912; George Shiras © National Geographic Creative Archive (above), pack of wolves, Untervaz, 19.01.2014; Rebé Gadient © KORA.


Images of the present and of those that must not be forgotten. Pictures of George Shiras and those that no longer exist «Der Zerfall» («The Decay»). Talks about photography with Alixandra Fazzina, Pep Bonet or Nancy Borowick and those who were never conducted.

Three years ago, KEYSTONE launched the photography platform SCHWARZER MONTAG (BLACK MONDAY). After the first nine events we took a break for reflection and then reported back, first with «Das Tuch» («The Sheet», February 2016), then with «Der Zug» («The Train», April 2016), «Die Katzen» («The Cats», June 2016), «Der Zerfall» («The Decay», September 2016), a talk with Alixandra Fazzina and Pep Bonet (October 2016), «Die Fotofalle» («The Photo-trap», February 2017), a talk with Nancy Borowick about her book «The Family Imprint. A Daughter’s Portrait of Love and Loss» (March 2017), «Die Flüchtlinge» («The Refugees», May 2017) and finally «Dummies» (June 2017).

Photography has always been the focal point. It was always the medium itself that we wanted to address. Then we started publishing a newspaper for each event. We can only recommend that you read once again the text «LAFERZL» by Ann Cotten («Der Zerfall»), or the text by Valentin Groebner for «FLÜCHTLINGSFOTOGRAFIE» («Die Flüchlinge»), or the interpretation order «Maquette hin - Maquette her» by André Vladimir-Heiz («Dummies»). Just because of this magnificent treasure alone, it is worth keeping the newspapers in order to take them out again at the right moment - and to be able to delve into the subject again.

The SCHWARZER MONTAG (BLACK MONDAY) goes on, when we don't know yet, but it goes on. Again we take a break from thinking, looking for new forms and new ideas. We are convinced that a photographic platform is needed, raw, independent, committed only to the medium itself. So be patient, the BLACK MONDAY returns!


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