Schwarzer Montag showing «Back to the Future»



Chris, 1986-2012, Lima - Photo by Irina Werning


The second event in the series «Schwarzer Montag» returns Back to the Future

From October 6 to November 1, 2014, «Back to the Future» by Irina Werning is presented at Westflügel.

The Argentinian photographer loves old family photographs and admits to being an indiscrete visitor. As soon as she steps into someone’s house, she starts looking for old images and reenacts them years later with the same people, who are then dressed, coiffed and pictured exactly as in the original. Thus she began inviting people to return to their future with her camera…

A selection of the images is exhibited at the Westflügel until Saturday, November 1st, 2014, Viaduktstrasse 21, 8005 Zürich (Mon-Fr 12-18.30, Sat 11-17, Tuesdays closed). In addition to Irina Werning’s images, her books «Back to the Future» are also available; one pink book and one blue book. The blue book has been nominated for the Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Award 2014, a sort of Oscar for photobooks. We will be keeping our fingers crossed for her!





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