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Photos © KORA (above) and George Shiras © National Geographic Creative Archive (below)


More than a century after George Shiras, Fridolin Zimmermann, predator ecologist and specialist for lynxes, will talk about the optimal positioning and setting of camera traps at the SCHWARZE MONTAG.

We would like to invite you to the Westflügel on Monday, February 20, 2017 (from 6 p.m.). After the introduction by Fridolin Zimmermann (from 6.30 p.m.) we will hand out the new newspaper «Die Fotofalle» (from 7 p.m.) and a Jägermeister (from 7.30 p.m.). Clink your glasses with us!


For the deer that landed in the heart of the dark night in the photo-trap («Die Fotofalle») of George Shiras III (1859-1942), the fright must have been terrible. Shiras, who devoted himself with a lot of passion to animal photography, was satisfied: his experiment with one of the first photo traps ever succeeded. The flash machine consisted of three burning alcohol lamps and a plastic bulb, which sprayed into the flames on a flash of lightning (a kind of forerunner of the Molotov cocktail). Shiras used a second camera, which was triggered with a slight delay, in order to capture the startled animals. Only then could the movements be captured with the camera. George Shiras, lawyer, hunter, politician, U.S. Representative from the state of Pennsylvania, Congressman of the US House of Representatives in Washington D.C., natural scientist and photographer, took his first night shots from 1890 and started to work with camera traps around that time as well.

Until the end of March, eleven original photographs of George Shiras can be seen in the SCHWARZER MONTAG. To the work of the former National Geographic photographer and inventor of the photo-trap, a wonderful book has been published, «George Shiras - In the Heart of the Dark Night» (L'Intérieur de la nuit),  Editions Xavier Barral, which can be obtained at SCHWARZER MONTAG ( En / Fr).

Following to the presentation «Die Fotofalle» (photo-trap) a small newspaper will be published (in German language only). The newspaper can be obtained at the Westflügel or ordered here.


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