SCHWARZER MONTAG presents «The Decay» (Der Zerfall)



A staining face, infested by points, oh, photography, broken glass, the reverse readability, ah, image carrier, decaying medium.

« Everything falls apart, everything can fall apart, everything, being part of the world, falls apart, sometime sooner or later. The world is as it were, everything is decay. » writes Ann Cotton. This world has taken us into their spell. By chance, by a notice of Ennio Leanza, we came across image carriers who fascinated us immediately: Negatives in the process of decay, which, by their change, are developing a new, unique aesthetic.

The new event of the series SCHWARZER MONTAG ('black monday') is titled «The Decay» (Der Zerfall). On Monday, September 5th, 2016, from 6 p.m. Jann Jenatsch and Ylva Meyer talk at Westflügel, Viaduktstrasse 21, 8005 Zurich, about decaying image carriers.

«You may see a cup of tea fall off of a table and break into pieces on the floor. But you will never see the cup gather itself back together and jump back on the table». Stephen Hawking continues: «The increase of disorder or entropy is what distinguishes the past from the future, giving a direction to time».

To the presentation at the SCHWARZER MONTAG a small newspaper «Der Zerfall» («The Decay») with a text by Ann Cotton will be published (in German language only). This newspaper can be obtained at the Westflügel or ordered here (within Switzerland).  


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