«Priisnagel Fotografie 2018»



«SOISA» by Pit Brunner, 1st place «Priisnagel Fotografie 2015»

The «Priisnagel Fotografie» prize was first awarded in 2015, shining a spotlight on the meeting point between industrial sites, commercial buildings and mixed-use residential buildings.

In 2018, the Solothurn section of the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects, SIA, will be awarding the «Priisnagel Fotografie» for the second time, this time with the focus on portraying the built environment and surroundings of everyday life in the canton of Solothurn, through the medium of fine-art photography. Together with the «Priisnagel Architektur», which is awarded every three years jointly by the Cantonal Curatorium for Cultural Promotion and the Solothurn section of the SIA, the two awards build a comprehensive picture of the architectural scene in the canton – encompassing all aspects of construction, planning and development. KEYSTONE is a project partner for the photography competition.

The particular focus of «Priisnagel Fotografie 2018» is on the identity of residential districts – on what it is that gives them their character, and makes them «home». The competition will research and document contemporary living solutions and the quality of life associated with these. It is open to professional photographers living in Switzerland, and each submission will consist of a series of three images. Registration for the competition will take place in September 2017.





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