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KEYSTONE distributes the images of National Geographic.

The National Geographic Image Collection based at National Geographic Society headquarters in Washington, D.C., houses more than 11.5 million images from staff and freelance photographers. This unique stock ranges from transparencies and black-and-white prints to glass plates and illustrations, including rare and never-before-seen image material.

Specializing in the subjects of people, cultures, nature and science, the Image Collection is one of the foremost repositories of social documentation of the late 19th century through the 21st century. The images make people gasp, they give food for thought and above all, they make people react. That is the reason why the National Geographic Society, one of the world's largest nonprofit organisations, was founded in 1888. To inspire people to care about the planet by increasing and diffusing geographic knowledge. With over 35 million readers of the National Geographic Magazine every month, this goal has been achieved indeed.

National Geographic stands for quality and high standards. The partnership with the National Geographic Image Collection allows KEYSTONE to make accessible this unique collection of high quality images with strong contents to its customers.





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