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Jon and Alex, St. Petersburg, Russia, 19.05.2014 – Photo by Mads Nissen

The jury of «World Press Photo 15» made the picture of Jon and Alex in St. Petersburg, Russia, this year`s World Press Photo. It belongs to a photo essay by the Danish photographer Mads Nissen who has been documenting the harassment homosexuals live with and those afflicted by it since 2013. His images tell the tale of the court rooms, where gay right activists are interrogated, of nightclubs, where gays meet, but also that of a Lesbian family who fears they will be forced to give away their children because they do not hide their sexual preference.

The exhibition «World Press Photo 15» is shown at Folium - Alte Sihlpapierfabrik, Sihlcity from May 7 until 31, 2015, while «Schwarzer Montag» (Black Monday) at Westflügel, Viaduktstrasse 21, presents not only the image of Jon and Alex but the entire photo essay «Homophobia in Russia» by Mads Nissen, from where the picture is taken.

In case you would like to met Mads Nissen in Zurich: On Monday, May 4, 2015, from 6:00 pm  Mads Nissen will be at Westflügel introducing his work.

Mads Nissen will, however, not be able to attend the opening of the «World Press Photo 15» exhibition on Wednesday, May 6, 2015, as he will be taking pictures at the wedding of Dmitry in Copenhaguen on that day.





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