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Greenland. Tiniteqilaaq. 2001 - Photo by Jacob Aue Sobol | MAGNUM


KEYSTONE is now the exclusive distributor in Switzerland of the renowned photo agency MAGNUM. The partnership is launched with the platform «Schwarzer Montag» which exhibits «10 by MAGNUM» in February.

Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa, René Burri and all the other great masters’ names are well known, but it’s not only their names, rather their pictures which are engraved in our memories.

Since the legendary photographic co-operative MAGNUM is the mother of all press agencies it’s not even necessary to introduce the agency with the ringing name like champagne. To this day MAGNUM stands for independent author photography and a responsible handling of its documentations.

KEYSTONE has gained MAGNUM as a new partner agency and can therefore offer their images in Switzerland. «It’s a great honor for us that we can assume this mandate. We are convinced that it will allow KEYSTONE to provide MAGNUM with a stronger presence in Switzerland», says Jann Jenatsch, CEO of Keystone. «The high-quality images are a great addition to what KEYSTONE has to offer.»

The exhibition «10 by MAGNUM»  is an attempt to update MAGNUM’s traditional image by showing ten young up-and-coming photographers in the «Schwarzer Montag»  series.  The ten selected photographers have given up chasing the latest press photo and create «journalistic orphans», as MAGNUM photographer Jonas Bendiksen calls his images, instead. The images are surprising, tell of intimate encounters between people and remind us of the dignity and the hope of man. Disregarded and irrational moments are brought to life in the photographers images.

The MAGNUM images are available on

«Schwarzer Montag» shows «10 by MAGNUM» at the Westflügel in Zurich from February 2nd to 28th 2015 (Monday to Friday 12.30 – 18.30 pm, Saturday 11 am – 17 pm, closed on Tuesdays).





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