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LUZ Photo is now represented in Switzerland by KEYSTONE. The photo agency LUZ  - founded in 2010 in Milan, Italy - is ideally suited to ensure continuity of the legacy left by the renowned Grazia Neri  photo agency and to provide a new distribution channel for photographers producing high-quality imagery. The young, Italian photo agency stands for values such as quality and tradition in combination with contemporary topics. LUZ Photo offers photo essays that allow for a present-day and singular vision all the while telling stories originating in places all over the world from an unorthodox perspective.

LUZ Photo represents a large number of Italian and international photographers that have already been collaborating with Grazia Neri, but also well-known new names in the business.

As of now, the LUZ Photo collection is available here and you can book the photographers of LUZ Photo for assignments.



Grubenstrasse 45
CH - 8045 Zurich

+41 44 200 13 00  phone

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