Talk with ... Anja Niedringhaus and Kathy Gannon



Image ID 122194669 - Photo by KEYSTONE | AP Photo | Anja Niedringhaus

Tuesday, 27 August 2013, 12:15p.m. – 13:45p.m.
KEYSTONE Foyer, Grubenstrasse 45, Zurich

AP photographer and Pulitzer Prize winner Anja Niedringhaus who reports regularly from Afghanistan and journalist Kathy Gannon who has been working for AP in Afghanistan for almost 20 years are guests of  KEYSTONE. The two women will talk about their work as war correspondents on the front line. They will explain why it is worth to travel to the same regions repeatedly over the years, what it means to them to work in a team and how their approach is different from short-term coverage. The talk will be hosted by Barbara Basting, head of the City of Zurich’s Fine Arts Department.

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