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«The girl playing alone beneath wedding lights in Mumbai's Dharavi slum is not the closest or rawest image I've taken. But it is somehow a subtly tender and magical moment, where I feel like I drift into this little girl's frame of mind for a second. Whenever I feel, I somehow am there with that person, and I feel something that connects me. That is what I define as an intimate image, more than if the picture is really up close or in your face.» - Jonas Bendiksen

What is intimacy? The Magnum photographers were asked by their editorial team – the result is a collection of images that get under the skin. Intimacy, this also comprises a war photographer who becomes a father and starts taking pictures of his family (Christopher Anderson). They are personal images, which sometimes suggest a vicinity to the depicted in only a small detail or an innuendo.       

Sometimes these images seem like a cocktail because they reveal relations and create new associations, because they are unforeseen moments, which were captured at the right moment. Sometimes the photographer manages to immerse into a world of his own for a fraction of a second and make this world visible and come alive to the beholder.

KEYSTONE offers Magnum images in Switzerland. If you have any questions relating to licensing call us at +41 44 200 13 33 or send us an e-mail:  sales@keystone.ch. Or simply click through our partbers stories at Magnum.  

The Intimate Moments by Magnum are on sale exclusively and uniquely for you personally from November 9th to 13th, 2015, – signed and printed in museum quality.

The selected images are available for free between the 9th and 13th of November 2015 for professional use – in return we ask you to draw attention to the campaign by pointing out to the link store.magnumphotos.com. Please find more information here.





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