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Making-of of the photo shooting with Ridge Munsy, June 6, 2016, GC-Campus Niederhasli. Photo by Severin Bigler | KEYSTONE


Zurich, September 1, 2016 – As of June 2016 the Neue Grasshopper Fussball AG has started collaborating with KEYSTONE. Switzerland’s largest picture agency produces all pictures for the football team of the Grasshopper Club Zurich: of the individual players and teams, as well as the national and international GC matches. Various videos are also produced by KEYSTONE for the traditional club from Zurich.   

KEYSTONE is pleased about the new collaboration with the Neue Grasshopper Fussball AG: The contract, which was signed at the beginning of September, runs for three years and includes the media coverage of all national and international GC games by KEYSTONE photographers, as well as portraits and group portraits of individual players and teams of all ages and leagues. Furthermore KEYSTONE also produces videos on information about GC, making-ofs and junior training camps. These productions are planned for social media, but will also be presented in other communication media; on and off-line.

During the image production on the football field KEYSTONE is supported by EQ Images. PPR Media Relations is responsible for the hosting of the images, videos and texts on their multimedia database. Both EQ Images and PPR Media Relations are subsidiary companies of KEYSTONE.

The cooperation with the Neue Grasshopper Fussball AG emphasizes KEYSTONE’s sports expertise, while the longstanding collaboration highlights the importance of visual content in general and videos in particular.





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