«Jules Decrauzat was ahead of everyone else as a roving photo reporter.»



11270885 - The Fiat-team with Nigg and Parmelin in Eaux-Mortes, Geneva (1911) - Photo by KEYSTONE | Photopress-Archiv | Jules Decrauzat


Jules Decrauzat - Exhibitions and Book

Karin Salm reports on Jules Decrauzat in an SRF article: «When others were still handling heavy cameras in their studios, a young Jules Decrauzat went outside: He took photographs of moving objects, captured the way of life and daily routine and became Switzerland’s first reportage photographer.»

In the NZZ Brigitte Ulmer writes that the viewer can recognise soul mates in Jules Decrauzat’s photographs. They are «just as afflicted by the body cult virus and urge to move [...] as today’s generation.»

In addition to the Schwarze Montag at the Westflügel in Zurich a comprehensive exhibition at the Fotostiftung Schweiz in Winterthur shows Jules Decrauzat’s photographs taken from 1910 to 1925. Along with the exhibitions a book on Jules Decrauzat has been published by the Echtzeit Verlag.

The comprehensive exhibition «Life, a Sport. Jules Decrauzat - A Pioneer of Photoreportage» at the Fotostiftung Schweiz, in Winterthur, runs until October 11, 2015. An accompanying programme with special guided tours deepens the understanding of the Swiss pioneer of photography.

The small exhibition - further photographs by Jules Decrauzat are on show at the «Schwarzer Montag» at the Westflügel, Viaduktstrasse 21, Zurich, until July 4th, 2015.

The book - «Jules Decrauzat - Der erste Fotoreporter der Schweiz», Echtzeit Verlag, Basel, hard-back, 240 pages, with approximately 100 double-sided photographs and a biographical essay. Fr. 48.-.





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