The Everyday Life of a Federal President



Switzerland changes its head of state every year, and in 2018 Alain Berset was President of the Confederation. Keystone-SDA photographer Peter Klaunzer photographed him during the presidential year on his travels, at meetings, events and gala dinners. He accompanied him on large and small occasions. In the tradition of a White House photographer, Peter Klaunzer has created a comprehensive portrait of a Swiss President. His pictures tell precisely, but never intrusively, what a Federal President experiences during the twelve months of his office as Primus inter Pares.

In September 2018, Peter Klaunzer photographed the Federal President in New York sitting on a curbstone on the edge of the UN General Assembly, working on a manuscript with the luminous marker. The image has become an icon of modesty in Africa's social media.

Exhibition: The Kornhausforum Bern shows the pictures in the exhibition «Peter Klaunzer. President Alain Berset» from 1 February to 2 March 2019.

Book: Verlag Stämpfli, Bern, publishes the book «Bundespräsident Alain Berset Président de la Confédération», in German and French, Brochur, 96 pp. (January 2019) ISBN 978-3-7272-6042-1





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