«Ins Landesinnere und darüber hinaus» Perspectives of Swiss Documentary Filmmaking



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The book «Ins Landesinnere und darüber hinaus» has just been published by the Limmat Verlag. It examines documentary filmmaking with fourteen portraits from all regions in Switzerland. Some of the filmmakers are already established; others have only just completed their university education and are making their first films. The texts tell personal stories, they illustrate the backgrounds, education and thematic preferences of the portrayed filmmakers, and they outline their most important films. The following people are portrayed: Gabrielle Antosiewicz (Zurich), Niccolò Castelli (Lugano), Aya Domenig (Zurich), Ufuk Emiroglu (Geneva), Sandra Gysi (Zurich), Vadim Jendreyko (Basel), Anja Kofmel (Zurich), Andrea Leila Kühni (Berne), Christian Labhart (Wetzikon ZH), Men Lareida (Zurich), Pierre Morath (Carouge GE), Thaïs Odermatt (Lucerne), Roman Vital (Arosa/Zurich), Nicolas Wadimoff (Geneva).

The photographer Christian Beutler portrayed them.

Ursula Binggeli, Beat Grossenbacher, Serge Kuhn, Roland Maurer, Beat Mazenauer, Frank von Niederhäusern, Bruno Rauch, Karl Wüst and Judith Wyder wrote the texts.
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