The Staff of Life. Aerial Photographs by Georg Gerster



Image ID 163858089 - Photo by KEYSTONE | Georg Gerster

Exhibition from 15 March to 26 May 2013
Fotostiftung Schweiz, Grüzenstrasse 45, 8400 Winterthur

“I see my best aerial images as jump starts for flights of thought. The aerial image is a tool for reflection: from above, we do not only see what is but also what could be – the inventory of our chances.”

With these words, Georg Gerster (born 1928 in Winterthur) summarises his work as a pioneer in aerial photography. 50 years after he set out on his first photographic flight in 1963 in Sudan, The Swiss Foundation of Photography in Winterthur dedicates him an exhibition on the subject of world nutrition, an emphasis of Georg Gerster’s work. His images are available via KEYSTONE.





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