Anja Niedringhaus (1965-2014)



Photo by Walter Bieri

    (jj)  The war photographer Anja Niedringhaus, right, was shot to death on Friday, April 4, 2014, in Afghanistan. Kathy Gannon, left, her reporter colleague, was badly wounded in the attack. The two women were in Afghanistan working for The Associated Press AP.

In August 2013, Anja Niedringhaus and Kathy Gannon were visiting Keystone for a Foyer Talk (image). The two reporters explained – in a discussion with moderator Barbara Basting – what it meant to witness war from a woman’s point of view. For them, women, civil society, always had priority. The women team succeeded in providing comprehensive coverage because they could get access, particularly in Islamic societies, to the female world as well.

With her extraordinary photos, Anja Niedringhaus took us with her, to places no one goes to, except Anja. She did this because she felt it was her duty to tell us about the things in Bosnia, Iraq, and in the end also in Afghanistan. At War. Relentless and in the raw, with great loyalty and full of humor.

„At War“ by the Pulitzer Prize winning photographer will be presented as of April 11 (until July 11) at the  Coalmine gallery in Winterthur. Opening night, Thursday, April 10, 6.30 pm. >> virtual tour





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