"1914/18 - Pictures from the Border"



Over 1'000 picture postcards from the Swiss borders during the Great War have been collected and analyzed by the Fotostiftung Schweiz in recent years. These picture postcards constitute one of the foremost visual documents of the times of World War I. 100'000s of these postcards, the soldiers sent back home to their loved ones – original photographs, usually taken by amateur photographers on site. With their ostensible harmlessness, they seem to work like a collective tranquilizer, like a mass medium to repress fear and uncertainty. And yet, they also speak about what it was like to be stationed at the Swiss borders between 1914 and 1918 and about how the Great War was perceived – a thoroughly authentic mirror of a world thrown out of kilter.
The exhibition "1914/18 – Bilder von der Grenze" ("1914/1918 - Pictures from the Border") is presented by The Fotostiftung Schweiz in Winterthur from June 7 until October 12, 2014. The picture postcards are available from Keystone.

In connection with the exhibition, the Limmat Verlag published the book "Schöner wär's daheim. Fotopostkarten 1914/18" ("At home, it would be nicer. Picture postcards 1914/1918") edited by Peter Pfrunder in collaboration with Jean Robert and Käti Robert-Durrer.
Additionally, the film "Schöner wär's daheim. Die Schweizer Grenzbesetzung 1914-1918" (“At home, it would be nicer. Swiss Soldiers Stationed at the Border 1914-1918”) created by Heinz Bütler with contributions by Anton Holzer, Georg Kreis, Beatrice von Matt and Peter Pfrunder (NZZ Format) was also released.







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