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Are you looking for complex information reduced to the essentials, the quick geographical localization of an accident or a playful access to major sports events?

Take advantage of our infographics solutions, look at our portfolio. We produce high-quality illustrations guaranteeing up-to-date, quickly implemented and relevant contents as well as clear and precise graphical realizations. The offer comprises the following products:

Infographics - News & Topics

Infographics of national and international news on economy, politics, sports and miscellaneous; Visualisations of detailed background and in-depth context information which allow focusing on a specific topic.

  • Still Infographics - In-house creation of news iInfographics on Swiss   topics and on international news created by means of templates provided by our partners 
  • Animated Infographics - Animated features used to visually highlight information for online use
  • Interactive Infographics - Multimedia applications for website, tablet and smartphone use illustrating relevant subjects in the fields of sports, science, history and politics, clickable visualisations of major events, available for web portals, tablets and smart phones


Commissioned Infographics

Consulting services and tailor-made infographics of home and foreign topics for individual needs


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