Protests of 1968

Globuskrawall mentions the dispute between youthful demonstrators and the police, which took place on June 29, 1968 in Zurich. These disturbances are directly linked to the European-wide youth disturbances in the summer of 1968 and marked the beginning of the 68s movement in Switzerland. (wp)

Möbel Pfister, Bunker Jugend, Wilhelm Tell and Teach-In - all this and much more merged in May 1971 at the so-called "HitFair" in Bern. The organisers promote the event as a "Swiss information and sales fair for young people". Seen with our eyes, the images of this 1971 youth fair seem exhilarating to disturbing. Why? Perhaps because so much of what we have long since ideologically allocated to clearly separated drawers becomes visible here at the same time. Perhaps also because here it becomes obvious how directly the political and revolutionary concerns of the 1968 movement merge into individualisation, lifestyle and consumption. Even then there was resistance. In a night action, critics spray the words: "Pop and discussion as a pretext - profit as a goal" on a film screen of "HitFair". (luk)

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