Switzerland has as many Easter traditions as regions. On Good Friday in Romont, « Les Pleureuses » wander the streets and mourn the death of Christ. In Val Müstair and Valais, children make noise with « Rätschen ». In Ticino's villages, Easter fires are lit and children then carry the fire, consecrated by priests, home in metal cauldrons for their own oven and stove. Bread and wine are distributed in Valais. Egg runs and egg ski races are organised. The «Zwänzgerle» is popular in Zurich. Children hold a hard-boiled egg for adults. The latter tries to throw a piece of 20 centime so that it gets stuck in the egg. If the coin bounces off, the child receives the coin, it gets stuck, the thrower gets the egg. (axa)

Twenty-five years ago Christiane Brunner was nominated by her party to succeed the resigned Federal Councillor René Felber. However, Francis Matthey from Neuchâtel was elected on 3 March 1993. Matthey didn't accept the election. He demanded a period of reflection and consultation with his party. The SP decided to send a second woman, Ruth Dreifuss, into the race for the second round next to Christiane Brunner. Ruth Dreifuss was finally elected on March 10,1993. (jm/axa)

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