THE HEART OF DARKNESS (incomplete) by GIOVANNI TROILO (LUZ) - Charleroi, La Ville Noire (The Black City), a town close to Bruxelles, symbolizes by itself the whole of Europe. The collapse of the industrial manufacturing, the rising unemployment, the increasing immigration, the outbreak of microcriminality. The regression of the social welfare, the lack of a shared identity. This feature is a journey to the roots of my family, which moved from Italy to the district of Charleroi in 1956 to work in the steel industry. Two generations have already succeeded in the promised land and, in the meantime, everything has changed. At this crossroad many populations united under the same roof of working opportunities were left without anything to share, as work vanished. Today social unease combines with the lives of the citizens. The roads, once blooming and neat, appear today desolated and abandoned, industries are closing down and spontaneous vegetation eats the old industrial districts. A perverse and sick sex, race hate, neurotic obesity and the abuse of psychiatric drugs seem to be the only cures being able to make this endemic uneasiness accettable. The same thing in a broader scale is happening in Europe. Does it make any sense to stay together when the initial mission has almost failed? Will it be possible to have another chance? This is the question for Europe, this is the question for Charleroi, the dark heart of Europe. (Giovanni Trolio)

Kano, Boko Haram's major strategic target in Nothern Nigeria (2014) - Since July 2014, the northern Nigerian city of Kano was six times under attacks of the islamist faction Boko Haram. The assault of the 17th of September killed 15 people and wounded 35. These deadly actions reflect the daily violence that Nigerian government is unable to stop. Second largest Nigerian city by population and local capital, Kano is a major strategic target for Boko Haram that seeks to spread its influence. The city embodies tensions between Abudja_s government, located in the Christian south, and northern areas with a majority of Muslim population where those jihadists are trying to rise up. - If the last Kano slaughter was committed in the name of the "rejection of Western education" from which is entitled Boko Haram, the whole society is insidiously starting to get destroyed and the advancement of Boko Haram's ideology can be daily noticed. For instance, the islamic faction forbids - "haram" - vaccination campaigns against polio. Some families such as Mallam Salisu's one are denied any kind of aid. All together, Nigeria is one of the last areas in the world where polio epidemics still break out. (vu)

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