Climate Change by NOOR: Solutions

In the summer of 2009, photographers from NOOR agency decided to unite their efforts to create a group project that shows the humanitarian effects of climate change. Consequences & Solutions by NOOR is a multi-years photographic project (still ongoing) produced by 9 photographers who have documented more than 20 stories in 17 countries through hundreds of photographs. This body of work is the most complete visual overview investigating and documenting climate change consequences and solutions throughout the world. It is a statement of the global situation told through the stories of our hearth and its inhabitants, photographed by nine amongst the best authors of contemporary photography. The project is divided in two chapters: Consequences and Solutions. With Solutions, the NOOR photographers investigate what is and can be done to slow down or reverse climate changes. A focus on human stories about alternative power sources, renewable energies and attempts to alleviate, adjust or cope with the rise of global temperatures. Climate change: the biggest challenge our world has ever faced. NOOR's second chapter of the project, dealing with solutions to climate change and the individual stories of those trying to live a more sustainable existence, builds onto the 2009 group project Consequences by NOOR. (NOOR, cgr)

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